Brighten Your Day: Stories from the Island Lake Camp Community Pt. 3

Just a few more stories from our ILC community to brighten your day and remind all of us just how amazing summers can be! We can’t wait until summer 2021!!

“ILC will always be such an important place in my life as I learned so much about how to be myself and not be scared of others judging me. It’s the best place to learn that it’s “cool” to not try to be cool and that people will love you for you and not the person you pretend to be. I love the freedom we as counselors were given to be creative with major and minor plans, whilst also being trusted to keep everyone safe. The balance is perfect and it provided the best environment for amazing things to happen! Dustin, Matt, and Wendy will always be my hero’s for running such an incredible place and giving me the chance to work there!! – Nick W., former staff

“Island Lake Camp is a place where you can be yourself without any judgment! ILC makes it feel like the world is at your fingertips because there are endless opportunities and new things to try! It’s the best place to grow up because you learn to go out of your comfort zone. If you fail while trying a new activity, you have your counselors and friends there to help you try again. It’s truly the most special place.” – Kelly Q., alumni (attended 8 years)

Going to ILC was always the highlight of my summer because it meant two solid weeks of circus, swimming, horseback riding, and pioneering. I worked with wonderful staff who made sure to befriend a first-time camper and make her want to come back. Special shout out to Tim O. in Pioneering – if you’re reading this, thank you for riding Steel Force with me way back when since my bunkmates didn’t want to. You’re the reason I made sure to go to Pioneering each summer even though I did more and more in the Circus building. It’s hard to believe that my bunkmates and I have graduated college at this point, but I’ll forever miss those cold nights and warm days and all the tears of the end-of-summer festivities. <3” – Olivia T., alumni (attended 7 years)

“Island Lake has impacted my life in a way that I never could have even imagined would be possible. The 6 summers I spent there gave me incredible experiences that I am able to look back on and purely remember the joy and happiness it brought me right when I stepped off the bus. Camp allowed me to make lifelong friends that I share a deep connection with and meet people and counselors from all over the world that bring their own unique personalities into one place where we can enjoy ourselves. There’s a reason why my family has been going to ILC for over 30 years now. Where else can you hang by the lake with your friends, compete in sports with people you’ve never met, and try new things like learning how to ride a horse? Island Lake has truly changed my life, and I think about it every single day. It’s the people that make it special. Island Lake is truly a home away from home.” – Garrison G., camper (6 years)

“ILC has been an incredibly positive force in both my children’s lives. For Alyssa, she had dynamite experiences and has made incredible friendships. I actually think the bigger impact was on Aaron. He is an introvert by nature. You took him in at a young age and I noticed him coming out of his shell, gaining confidence and navigating into activities that gave him joy. I can’t thank you both enough for the impact you have made in their lives and my hope is that it will last a lifetime. Nothing could give me more pleasure if Alyssa and Aaron send their children to ILC and the camp is still being run by you both.” – Jason S., camp parent

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