Canada Trip Returned Safely

Hi ILC family and friends!  I just want to let all parents of kids who went on the teen trip know that we returned to camp safely last night a little after 8pm.  Our campers had the most AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, FANTASTIC, FUN, FAB, INCREDIBLE (Did I get my point across yet?) 4 days they could ever ask for.  From Canada Wonderland Amusement Park to the Toronto Aquarium to Jet Boating in Niagara to the Maid of the Midst, everything was a lot of fun, and why?  Because our campers were amongst all of their camp friends!  And anyone who knows anything about summer camp knows that there is nothing out there in the world like camp friendships.  Inexpiable unless you experience it, but camp friendships are just so dear and special to so many for the rest of their lives.

More to come about today at Island Lake in this evening’s blog, especially about our Counselor Switch Day here at camp today!  I just wanted to let our families know that we returned to camp with the same number of children that we left camp with.  Lol!  We will post photos from the trip in our daily summer photos later today.

Lastly, although your children may not bring home any leftover money from the trip, they’re sure to bring home some great souvenirs and memories of our days in Toronto and Niagara Falls.  Until later this evening, ILC U THERE!

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