First Time Campers

As a first time camper at Island Lake, you will receive a lot of help in adjusting to camp life and choosing your activities. We have an Open House at camp on June 13th, about two weeks before camp starts, for all of our new campers and their families. We start with a tour of camp and an explanation of how our program works. After the tour, you will have lunch with your family and our Island Lake staff will be spread out throughout the dining room for any additional questions you may have. Once lunch is finished, you and your siblings will go to either the gym or circus building to enjoy some activities while your parents will have a question and answer session with one of our directors.

When you arrive at camp for summer, your counselors will greet you along with any bunkmates that have arrived before you. Once everyone has arrived and unpacked, you will have an opportunity to get to know all of the children and counselors in your bunk. This is a wonderful opportunity to start developing all of your new friendships.

The following day, you will have assistance from your counselors and group leader in choosing your activities. You will sit down with your group leader one on one to choose your majors and your counselors will help you with your minors each day.

Many first time campers are concerned about being “homesick.” A majority of the time we can easily spot a child who is having some adjustment difficulties at camp. However, there are always a few children who do not want anyone to see that they are feeling anxious or sad. We emphasize the importance that you please tell an adult (your counselor, group leader, director, department head, or any other adult you feel comfortable with) how you are feeling so we can work with you to overcome these feelings and you can enjoy your stay at camp. We have many different approaches towards campers who are missing home and are having a hard time adjusting to camp. We will tailor our approach to your needs and what will work best for you.

Our goal at Island Lake is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our campers. For all first time parents, please read all of our literature to be sure you are fully prepared to send your child to camp this summer. We also recommend that you have your children read our monthly newsletters and our soon to be mailed Camper Handbook and Activities Handbook to better prepare them for the best summer of their lives. ILC U THERE!

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