Friday, August 15th

Hi Island Lake families!  Our teen trip campers are all back safely and they had the time of their lives in Canada this past week.  Now they’re back to their majors & minors again with the rest of our campers.

Today’s weather is freezing cold.  Temps not needed, it’s just plain cold.  Lol, no really, it was supposed to hit a high of the mid 60’s today but it didn’t feel like it.  Where did the summer weather go because we want it back!

Regardless of the weather, we prevail and camp still goes on.  Today was COUNSELOR SWITCH DAY!  Yes, you heard me correctly, our counselors all switched bunks.  The boys went over to the girls side and the girls went over to the boys side.  Jeez, you should see what these female campers did to their male counselors.  Dans became Danielles, Michaels became Mikaylas, and Jons became Janes.  I’ll spare you the details and refrain from showing you photos of what these poor male counselors look like today.  Let’s just say, Miss ILC magnified by about 100!

Today we also had a special treat for our magic kids as they took a trip to the Houdini Museum.  They enjoyed seeing special Houdini exhibits and they took a magical tour around the museum to check out all of the special collectibles that they have there.  A famous magician put on a fantastic show for our campers and even made one child levitate!

Special feature of the day,…THEATER,…on stage and behind the scenes!

DSC03899 DSC03901 DSC03902 DSC03903 DSC03905 DSC03906

Tonight’s evening activity is our third and final summer 2014 Circus Show!  We’ll have lots of photos for you to check out tomorrow on our daily summer photos.  Until then, ILC U THERE!

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