Friday, August 9th

Happy Counselor Switch Day! Today is one of our Island Lake special theme days that our campers truly enjoy.  At breakfast, male counselors were moved to the girls’ bunks and female counselors to the boys’ bunks.  The kids have a blast with this day as they dress up their new counselors and terrorize them.  Let’s just say there are a lot of counselors’ beds outside of the bunks instead of inside the bunks.  Gotta love camp!

To throw our campers off that much more, at the end of breakfast this morning after Dustin read off the Counselor Switch Day rules, we broke out with Revival!  Surprise!  Yup, all the kids left their dining room tables in disarray and ran down to the lake for one of their favorite activities of the session.  If you aren’t familiar with what Revival is, I’ll let your children tell you once they return home.  Let’s just say, those who have sinned will repent (boooohaaaaahaaaa!). Oh and it’s an honor, don’t worry.

We had even more activities going on here at camp today.  In ILC sports, our 9th  & 10th  grade girls played a soccer match here at home this afternoon.  They played extremely well and beat the other camp by a score of 5-1.  Go ILC’ers! Our tennis ILC Open continues today, too.

Our CITs went on their 2nd  session trip out of camp to a local campground for an exciting picnic this afternoon.  They said it was a fun CIT bonding event for all of them.

This morning started off very chilly but the sun warmed things up nicely into the 70’s by the afternoon hours.  It was a beautiful day in Starrucca, PA for all of the events that went on.  We had partly cloudy skies and the temps didn’t pass the mid-70’s all day.

The riddles are back! Here’s our new riddle for today and it’s a tough one:  A boy has as many sisters as brothers, but each sister has only half as many sisters as brothers.  How many brothers and sisters are there in the family?  A tongue twister and a riddle all wrapped into one big puzzle for you to sort out.  I have no idea what the answer is so perhaps you guys can help me out.

Tonight’s evening activity kicks off our performance week.  Tonight is our Dance & Magic Show!  Yay!  Our kids will perform their hearts out on stage for all of their peers.  We’ll post tons of photos on Waldo tomorrow and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase all of our performance videos in the fall.

Today’s special feature is from last night’s evening activities.  Oh, and boys groups 1 & 2 ended up playing Capture the Flag. The feedback I received was, “It was so much fun!”  Below are photos from Messy Twister, Pizza Making, and the Campfire.  Enjoy and until tomorrow, our final Saturday of activities this summer, ILCUTHERE!

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