Friday, July 12th

Aloha everyone! Tonight is our Luau here at camp so our campers and counselors are dressed up in their Hawaiian gear today. As you all know from our emails, we woke up this morning with no power throughout camp, and we hear the entire area of Starrucca was out.  You don’t realize how much you rely on electricity and wifi until it’s taken from you. When it returned towards the end of 1stminor we all cheered in the office.  I even heard campers cheering out and around camp when they heard power was restored.

So now that Lazy Day is behind us and the power outage is old news, camp continues for us here at ILC.  We had a bunch of campers leave today for our overnight river trip.  They take canoes and kayaks to the Delaware River where they go boating for the day. They then pitch tents at the nearby campgrounds overnight and they will return to camp tomorrow morning.

We also had some sporting events take place today.  Our 8th  & 9th  grade girls played in a lacrosse tournament here at camp this morning.  Unfortunately we did not win.  Our 4th  & 5th  grade boys basketball team went out this afternoon to a nearby camp to also play in a tournament game.  I don’t know the results yet, sorry.

Today’s weather has changed quite a bit throughout the day.  The morning was mostly cloudy and although it looked like we might have some rain, we were lucky and the precipitation stayed away.  In the afternoon some of those clouds parted ways and we had partly sunny skies (see, I’m the optimist!  I’m saying partly sunny instead of partly cloudy!).  The temps reached the mid 70’s by the afternoon hours.

Today’s riddle was a little joke Oliver (our program director who creates the morning news and minors sheets every day) played on our campers:  What happened to the power this morning?  But hey, if any of you know why we lost power, we’d love to know!!!

Tonight’s evening activity is the big Luau!  It will be held in the gym and the grassy hill above the gym.  Here’s a list of all of the events that will take place: There will be an opening dance performed by many of our staff.  We will also have the slip & slide out, a water balloon toss, a hoola-hoop contest, and limbo.  We’ll have a Hawaiian playlist of music and we’ll be passing out tiki beverages.  It should be a blast.  I’ll take photos and post them tomorrow.

Today’s special feature is photos from our girls’ evening activity last night.  They had a big sister/little sister bonding party. Enjoy the photos below and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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