Friday, July 19th

Happy “Visiting Day Eve”! We’ve been preparing for this very special day tomorrow and we anticipate that it will be fantastic for all. Please peruse yesterday’s blog for more details about tomorrow’s festivities, as well as the mass email I sent to you yesterday.

After a couple of days of rain, we’re back to sunshine and blue skies here in the 18462.  We hear many of you are experiencing a major heat wave down in the NY metropolitan area.  Although it’s definitely hotter than usual here at camp, we are not experiencing anything close to what you are.  Phew!  The forecast shows another hot day tomorrow, so keep that in mind when packing for your visit here at camp.

We had quite a few activities going on in and out of camp today.  This morning we took close to 30 campers on a tubing trip down the Delaware River.  This is always a fun trip for our water lovers.  They get to tube and chillax in the river before returning to camp later in the afternoon.  We also had a hiking trip today for our pioneering kids.  Over half a dozen campers went to Apple Grove Park, near Honesdale, PA, to go hiking and swimming in the river.  Of course this trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to an ice cream shop before returning to camp in the late afternoon.

In ILC sports, our 9th grade girls had a tennis match out of camp this morning.  Our 6th  & 7th grade boys played in a baseball game here at camp this morning, too.  We won the game 4-3.  Our ILC Open continues for tennis today as the matches prep for the semi-final and final rounds.  I’ll know very soon who the winners are and I’ll share that info with you.

Tonight’s evening activity is the amazing, fantastic, superb hypnotist, Brad Henderson!  Our campers and staff will witness Brad hypnotize about 15 of our counselors.  This is another one of our campers’ favorite evening activities. They get to watch their counselors embarrass themselves while doing hysterically funny things in front of the camp. Tonight is also ETB, Early To Bed. Once our counselors are done making fools out of themselves on stage (hardy haha!), everyone will go back to their bunks to get a good night’s rest for tomorrow’s festivities.

Today’s special feature is ROCK SHOP & FISHING!  “Rock Shop and Fishing?” you may be asking yourself.  Why would I comprise those two activities together? Simply because I happened to go to the rock shops to take photos and I saw campers fishing off of the dock down there. So hey, why not take some pictures and combine the two!?!?  I hope you can see the fish they caught, too.   Until tomorrow, when we will see many of your smiling faces here at Island Lake, ILCUTHERE!

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