Friday, July 26th

Hi ILC Families!  I cannot believe that today was the last full day of session 1 here at camp!  These past 4 weeks have flown by way too fast.  It’s going to be sad to say goodbye to many of our amazing campers tomorrow morning.  I hope they had the greatest experience here at ILC & I hope to see them all at camp again next summer.  All parents of session 1 campers should have received an email from me yesterday with changeover day information.  Please read it thoroughly to make sure you are properly prepared to pick up your children at the bus stops tomorrow.

I know I sound redundant but today was yet another beautiful day in Starrucca, PA.  The skies were a mostly sunny and after a cool wake-up, we reached almost 80 degrees in the afternoon.  We’ve definitely been super lucky with weather this summer.  Someone above was listening to our wishes and prayers.

Today we offered all 3 of our majors and just 1 minor in order to have “super cleanup” in the afternoon. Those campers who are staying for 2ndsession had to clean their cubbies and find those missing socks and brand new t-shirts they didn’t know their mom packed for them for camp. (wink wink!)  Those campers who are going home tomorrow (tear!) had an opportunity to pack during this time.

Yesterday we finished our ILC Open in tennis and the winner for the girls group 2 round is Aubrey B. Congrats to all of our campers who participated.  I also have the winners of our Skatepark Competition:

Rollerblading:  3rdplace- Ryan M.:  2ndplace- Alex Z.:  1stplace- Griffin M.

Skateboarding Beginners & Intermediates:  3rdplace- Ryan S.:  2ndplace- Gilly M.:  1stplace- Maya D.

Skateboarding Advanced:  3rdplace- Miko M.:  2ndplace- Zan N.:  1stplace- Kuba G.

Riddle time! Yesterday’s riddle:  What breaks, but never falls?  What falls, but never breaks?  Answer:  day & night!  I have 2 legs but they only touch the ground while I’m at rest.  What am I?

After super clean up we are now in the midst of entertaining the camp with our big ROCK CONCERT before dinner.  Everyone is down in the theater jamming out to rock tunes of yesteryear and today.

Last night’s Circus Show was STUPENDOUS!  Our campers performed amazingly well.  Our circus staff and the kids worked so hard and it was apparent in their amazing efforts and spectacular performances.  The greatest show definitely took place here in Starrucca, PA, that’s for sure.  For those of you with children who performed in the show, it’s a video you won’t want to miss out on after the summer. Today’s special feature is some highlights from last night’s outstanding evening.

Well, that’s about all the news that I have for you today, our very last day of the 1stsession.  For those of you with children coming home tomorrow, enjoy your last evening of peace and quiet!  I truly hope your campers come home happy, healthy, and with tons and tons of amazing ILC summer 2019 stories and experiences to share with you.  To everyone else, ILCUTHERE!

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