Friday, June 29th

Hello Island Lake families! After a fun day out of camp for Lazy Day, ILC majors and minors were back in action today. This morning the temps already started off warmer in the 60’s with sunny skies. I’m happy to report that by afternoon the temps went up to about 80 degrees! Woohoo! Summer weather is officially here and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

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As many of you know, every morning at 8am the camp is woken up with our traditional wake-up call. Matt plays music over the PA and then says “Everybody up, everybody up, up, up, up! Rise and shine.  It’s a beautiful day in Starrucca, PA. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the grass is growing. Breakfast, as always, is in 10 minutes. See you there.” I’m sure some of your campers have come home quoting this wake-up call, as the tradition started with my dad 33 years ago when my parents founded this camp. Although the announcement has pretty much stayed the same, the music has changed quite a bit over the years. Matt’s eclectic taste in music can now be downloaded for your listening pleasure. You can follow his ever-growing Spotify playlist as the summer progresses with each wake-up call. Here is a link for you:  Spotify

I am excited to tell you that we started our Wayne County sports tournaments today. We had 2 tennis tournaments, one home and one away. Our 8th & 9th grade boys played here at camp this morning and our 6th & 7th grade girls played at a nearby camp this afternoon.

Evening activity is Fear Factor. The lower half of the camp will play in the gym and the upper half will play in the theater. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this game, it involves kids terrorizing their counselors with gross food, ice buckets, and dirty disgusting things. Should be fun!

After evening activity we have our very first ETB of the summer. For those of you new to Island Lake, ETB stands for Early To Bed. This means that the canteen is closed so all campers will go back to their bunks directly after evening activity to get a good night’s rest. On a personal note, I have to admit it’s one of my favorite nights of the week. Hehe!

Today’s special feature is WATERFRONT! It was a great day for a dip in the lake and pool. Until tomorrow, our last June summer day, ILCUTHERE!

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  1. Clair Benmosche

    Just found Island Lake on Facebook! When I grow up maybe I will get on twitter too;) Thank you!


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