From an Island Lake Parent…

Aaron was admitted to The College of William and Mary. He was very excited about W&M and posted it on his Facebook page. Another Island Laker that he knew years ago but has not communicated with in ages saw his post and wrote him all excited. We went down to campus for Accepted Students Day. He ended up staying with her in her dorm. This really was great for him to get the inside scoop on the school. He met a bunch of people and saw the school from the inside. It was a completely great experience for him.

This is just a long-winded way of saying Thank You for Island Lake. Aaron had a ball there and still has many fond memories of his summers there. I know that Island Lake was his “Home”, and the place where we live was what he had to put up with until he could go home again. What happens at Island Lake does not stay at Island Lake. Friendships made there continue to positively impact his life.

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