June 29th

AMAZING first day of camp so far!  So many happy campers and fantastic spirit filling the air here at ILC!  We had our 4-minor day and campers auditioned for shows, got tested for levels, took their deep water test, and tried activities they’d like to major in.

After lunch we handed out our 5-year and 10-year jackets.  Boy are there a lot of campers and staff who have been here at Island Lake for many summers now!  Pictures can later be viewed on our daily summer photos.

We just had one of our best games ever of PANIC. Kids ran into their bunks to find items announced over the PA system and then ran those items out to their group leaders in the middle of the campuses.  Music played, children and counselors danced, and fun was had by all.

Campers are currently signing up for their majors with their group leaders and our department heads.  Tonight’s evening activity is groups (group leaders running a game/event with their specific group).

Let’s see if at dinner tonight in the dining room the boys once again start chanting “BOYS ARE BETTER!”, only to be countered by girls standing on their seats screaming back “GIRLS ARE BETTER!”  Gotta love the camp spirit here at Island Lake!

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