Medication Policy

As you can probably imagine, dispensing medications and vitamins to campers is a big undertaking.  In order to fulfill our goal of doing so in a safe manner, we are asking that all parents abide by the policy laid out here.  The following guidelines are in place in order to ensure the health and well-being of each camper.  Please adhere to them.

No medication, vitamins, or supplements may be kept in the bunk.  This includes, but is not limited to, chewable vitamins, Tylenol, aspirin, cold and cough remedies, eye drops, ear drops, creams, nasal sprays, etc…

All medication, vitamins, and supplements, must be sent to camp at least one week prior to the camper’s arrival.  We cannot guarantee that medications, vitamins, and supplements brought to camp on the day of the camper’s arrival will be dispensed on a timely basis.

All medication, including vitamins must be accompanied by a letter from a physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner or it must be in the original prescription bottle with administration instructions clearly written.  Nothing will be dispensed without written instructions from a health care professional or the original prescription bottle.  This includes both regularly scheduled medications and those taken on an as needed basis.

Medication taken through inhalers may be brought to camp by the camper and the camper may keep a rescue inhaler with him/her or in the bunk.

Medication for diabetes and growth hormones may be brought to camp with the camper or given to the person in charge of the bus pick-up location.

All vitamins and supplements will only be dispensed with doctor’s instructions and must be in their original packaging.

Please do not send standard OTC (over the counter) medications as we stock them in our infirmary and supply them to any camper who may need them.

We do not stock Claritin, Allegra, other allergy medicines, or Lactaid Pills that are taken on an as needed basis.  Please send these in advance with a doctor’s note.

With your help we can ensure the safe and efficient delivery of medications and vitamins to all of our campers.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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