Monday, August 12th

Hi ILC Families! Happy Pajama Day!  Today is our last theme day before the big one arrives. With this being our final week of camp, the whispers and murmurs of Color War are gaining momentum and are quickly becoming the loud talk around town.  When is it going to break?  How is it going to break?  What will the teams be?  These are all questions the kids are rightfully asking and so far from what I’ve heard, no one has come close to guessing the team names.  Everyone thinksthey know when it’s going to break, but when it doesn’t happen, the plot thickens as their new theories spread like wildfire here at camp.  We had an amazing fake break last night but first, let me tell you about the Circus Show,…

Last night’s greatest show on earth was amazing!  Our campers learned so many new routines over the course of the past 2 weeks (and for many kids, the past 6 weeks) on the trapeze, lyra, triple trap, cloud swing, flying trap, fabric, Spanish web, rolling globe, mini-tramp, etc.  The theme of the circus show was Color War! They brought the many color war themes from previous summers into the acts with music, costumes, and performances. Oliver, who runs color war every summer, came out to announce the end of the show wearing a judge’s red color war shirt from a previous summer.  She and a few other key staff members threw papers out into the crowd and the kids went running to grab them, thinking it had the color war teams on them and that color war had begun.  The kids all started screaming, racing to grab the papers.  Well, that was until they saw what was written on the papers,… “Not today  J”.   They were all so pissed that they ripped the papers up in half.  They were so riled up that they actually missed key clues on these papers as to the themes for this summer’s color war.  Printed in tiny tiny font on the bottom of the pages were names for the 2 teams.  No one saw it so hey, camp continues on today with our majors and minors.

In the meantime, guess what time it is?  That’s right, it’s ILC weather forecast time!  This forecast has been brought to you by Beaverhead.  Scaring campers since 1986!  We woke up this morning to sunny blue skies and chilly temps in the 60’s. It quickly warmed up to the upper 70’s by the afternoon hours with mostly sunny skies.  It was fantastic weather for our final day of majors and minors,….and something else,….keep on reading,….

This morning our avid golfers went out of camp to play 9 holes at a nearby golf course.  Our 5th  grade boys were supposed to have a basketball game this morning here at camp until the other camp double scheduled and went to play at another camp instead.  The boys were disappointed but they told me they’re excited to play hoops when color war starts.

During 2ndminor today we held a special activity in Arts & Crafts called an “Art-a-thon”. It was essentially an art relay race all around camp, similar to “crazy games,”  collaborating with other departments here at camp.  Our campers had to pop balloons with tie-dye ink up at archery up against a white sheet, they had to answer trivia questions down at the lake and if incorrect, get their faces painted, and other fun events such as that.  I love that our staff still know how to bring on the fun for our campers, even at the end of the summer.

And now it’s time for your ILC Morning News riddle.  Yesterday’s riddle was:  What kind of coat is always wet when you put it on?  Answer:  a coat of paint.  I have to admit, I heard this joke when I was a kid so I figured this answer was too easy so it couldn’t be it.  But hey, low and behold, it was.  I got lots of responses from our parents so thanks for reaching out and mazel to Lisa A, Rachel B, Melissa G, Morgann G, Ross K, Joe S, Alexandrea W, and Ben W who all got this riddle correct.  Sadly, today may be the last riddle of the summer with Color War quickly approaching. I hope you’ve enjoyed these brainteasers all summer long.  Here’s today’s riddle for ya:  What can be liquid or solid, sometimes it bubbles, and it can be found in every home?  Good luck!

Tonight’s evening activity is our older campers’ performance of Peter and the Star Catcher.  It’s the prequel to Peter Pan and it should be entertaining to watch.  Again, we’re video taping it so you can order copies to see your children perform after the summer.

Oh wait, did I mention that WE BROKE COLOR WAR TODAY!!!!?????!!!!?????  Yup, that’s right, ISLAND LAKE COLOR WAR 2019 HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN!  GOTCHA!!!  We broke Color War during snack break this afternoon.  The theme is Wonderland vs. Oz.  We had some adult staff dressed as characters from these stories running around the campuses during snack break while we played a funky musical mix over the PA system with the characters speaking and saying it’s Color War.  It was soooo COOL!  I bet you’re already getting your creative thinking caps on with these amazing themes, figuring out how our campers and counselors are going to make these next 3 days of camp THE BEST EVER!  Stay tuned for photos to see which team your children are on.  The events officially begin tomorrow since we still have our older camper performance tonight.

Today’s special feature is last night’s Circus Show!  Enjoy and until tomorrow, our 1stday of Color War (woohoo!!!), ILCUTHERE!

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