Monday, August 8th

Good evening, Island Lake Families!

Our annual Teen Trip is under way and the lucky destination this summer for our campers is Montreal.  They will be spending the day at La Ronde Amusement Park and I for one am extremely jealous.  Rides will be rode.  Snacks will be eaten.  Games will be played.  And prizes will be one.  The fun is only beginning for a Canadian-bound campers because they have three more days of memories to make.

Here on the home front, our we are in the throes of our 2nd annual Camp of Thrones.  Who will win? What alliances will form over the next week?  Here is your daily update:

Today we have witnessed both victory and defeat as giants fall to tamer lands and weaker kingdoms are engulfed by the flames of grander empires.  TRANSLATION:  we had one exciting day full of upsets and heated competition.

The Kingdom of Rockopolis triumphed in the siege bestowed upon them by Poseidon’s Landing.  TRANSLATION:  The Rock Shop defeated The Waterfront.

The Shredquarters saw to the demise of Chemmunist Russia.  TRANSLATION:  The Skatepark got the win against Science.

Poseidon’s Landing also suffered grave defeat at the hands of the Middle Arts.  Perhaps they should take a respite from the battlegrounds until the new moon.  TRANSLATION:  Waterfront lost again!  This time to the Arts and Crafts Department.  Maybe they should take a short breather and devise a new strategy.

Bakingham Palace held their own when challenged by The Shredquarters.  TRANSLATION:  Cooking managed to secure a surprise victory of The Skatepark!

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