Monday, July 29th

Hi Island Lake parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, pets, and anyone and everyone who is welcome to read these blogs!  Today was our first day of majors and minors for session 2.  We woke up to beautiful blue skies and warm temps once again. We had a couple of rain showers come through camp briefly in the afternoon hours, but the showers lasted literally 5 minutes each, if that.  The rain slightly cooled the air, which reached about 80 degrees for a high.  My weather app shows partly cloudy skies for the remainder of the day with no rain in the forecast.  Whoop whoop!

Last night we had a bit of a glitch in our weather system.  It actually rained!  Not only did it rain, but we had a few thunderstorms, so we altered some evening activities and ran the kids through canteen quickly before sending them back to their bunks in between storms.  It turned into an ETB but with canteen.

Here’s what everyone did for evening activity last night:  Group 1 boys & girls- still had their campfire because the rain was very light and there were no storms in the area.  Group 2 boys & girls- still had their cards party in the art building.  Groups 3 & 4 boys & girls- all did Disney Karaoke together in the theater. We’ll have to reschedule Messy Twister for the older girls on another evening in the near future.  Messy Twister is a top 5 fav for many campers and it makes for spectacular photos, so I hope we can reschedule it for our older girls right after the teen trip.

Speaking of which, this Wednesday, 2 days from now, 50 campers, 5 staff members and I will hop onto a coach bus and head to Boston, MA and Martha’s Vineyard for 4 days of fun. We are very excited to check out the Basketball Hall of Fame, Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall, the Duck Tour, a Fenway Park private tour, Martha’s Vineyark (Oaks Bluff), 6 Flags, Blue Man Group, and much more.  We’ll be away from camp for 4 days/3 nights and we’ll return to camp on Saturday night. Our teens who are participating on this trip are getting soooo EXCITED for this trip!  It’s usually the highlight of the summer for them.

After dinner today I will hold my big Boston trip meeting with all of our campers and staff who are scheduled to join us.  I’ll hand out the itinerary, a packing list, talk about our expectations while we are out of camp, and discuss details about the trip overall.  Have I mentioned how incredibly excited our campers are for our 4 days of fun?  We have an enthusiastic group of kids going, so we are really pumped.

While I am away in Boston, Dustin, our fantastic ILC head counselor, will take over blogging duties for me.  He’s a very creative writer and will no doubt post very intriguing blogs for you to enjoy. I admit he’s a better writer than me but don’t worry, I’ve come to terms with it and I’m ok.  (wink wink!)  While we are away in Boston the blogs will be posted later at night when Dustin has a few minutes to sit down and write to all of you.  He’ll try to post some photos for you but if he doesn’t have a chance to post pics, just go to the Waldo app for your fill of them.

Yesterday’s riddle was: I have a frame but no pictures.  I have poles but not standing up.  What am I?  Answer:  Eyeglasses. Congrats to Joe S. for getting this riddle correct.  Joe has been on top of his game all summer.  I’m impressed!  Today’s riddle is:  What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and gray when you throw it away?

Tonight’s evening activity is ILC’s Got Talent.  Yup, you read that correctly.  It’ll be just like the tv show,America’s Got Talent, but with our own ILC twist, turns, and simply our own version of it.  The entire camp is invited to audition and join in on the fun.

Today’s special feature is DANCE!  We’ve got tap, we’ve got ballet, we’ve got jazz, we’ve got contemporary, we’ve got hip-hop, and we’ve got more for our campers to enjoy boogying to all day long. Enjoy and until tomorrow, the eve of our teen trip, ILCUTHERE!

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