Monday, July 6th

Happy Monday everybody!  Today was another active day in Starrucca, PA. Last night’s social was a lot of fun for our campers and staff. They danced the night away and many girls enjoyed dressing up for one of their favorite evening activities.

Today our 9th grade and under girls volleyball team brought home 1st place in a county-wide tournament that included several other camps. Our girls finished undefeated as they shut out some teams and brought back a well-earned victory for Island Lake. We’re so proud of our girls! We also had 8th/9th grade boys and 10th/11th grade boys go out of camp for tennis tournaments. Lastly, 7th grade girls soccer went out of camp for a game today. There is lots of action going on for our Island Lakers.

Today the teen tour kids toured Cal-Poly Tech. They then spent the afternoon relaxing at Pismo Beach. After dinner they will be heading to Las Angeles, CA for a few fun-filled days there.

Tonight’s evening activity is groups. On the boys side group 1 is playing dodgeball, group 2 is playing gaga, and group 3 is going on a nature hike and group 4 is having a campfire. On the girls side group 1 is having a big makeover, group 2 is having an “unfashion” show, group 3 is also having their own makeover, and group 4 will be joining boys group 4 for a campfire.

Special feature of the day is TENNIS! Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

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