Monday July 8th

Happy Monday to all of our Island Lake families!  We had another great day of weather here in Starrucca.  It was partly cloudy and the temps reached the mid-70’s.  The weather gods have been listening to our prayers because we’ve been very lucky thus far (knock on wood!!!) and for the most part, the rain has stayed far away from us.

I have a great camp story to share with all of you.  Yesterday evening our 10th and 11th grade boys soccer team played in a round robin tournament at another camp. Griffin B., a wonderful CIT, came to my office to dish all of the details.  He exclaimed, “It was out of a movie, Wendy!”  He then proceeded to tell me that half of our team was 11th graders and half was younger.  We lost the 1st game, we tied the 2nd game, and we lost the 3rd game.  We were seeded last in the official tournament and the hosting camp was the #1 seed and defending champions.  Our campers played their hardest, they were tired from playing so long without subs, and their final game went into overtime.  They then went into a shoot out and won the game!  Due to our win, we essentially canceled the other camp’s evening activity because they anticipated going into the finals and had their entire camp watch the game.  Their whole camp was lined up on the side of the field watching during the final 10 minutes. We proudly won the game with a score of 3-2 in penalty kicks.  It was a rush of emotion for our kids as they stormed the field and piled onto our camper who kicked the winning goal.  Griffin told me that they felt like they had just won the World Cup as they celebrated during their drive back to camp last night.  I’m so proud of our boys!!!

And to add to our victory, this morning our 8th & 9th grade girls went to another camp to play in the Wayne County Volleyball Tournament and we came in FIRST PLACE!!! WOOHOO!!!!  Our girls lost only 1 set throughout the entire tournament and they were undefeated overall.  How fantastic is that?  I’m extremely proud of our girls, as well.

In case you didn’t see my blog post this morning, our week 1 video is now up for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy watching a compilation of our first week here at Island Lake.

Congrats to Rachel B., a mom who emailed me with the correct answer to yesterday’s riddle.  Here’s a reminder of the riddle:  Forwards I’m heavy, backwards I’m not.  What am I?  Answer:  a ton! Get it?  “Not” backwards is a “ton”!  Here’s today’s riddle:  What has cities but no people, roads but no cars, and rivers but no water?  Hmmmm,….Any guesses?

It was brought to my attention that not all parents know what groups their children are in.  This info is helpful when we have “groups” for evening activities.  Here’s a breakdown of our campers’ grades and their groups:  5th grade and under are in group 1:  6th & 7th grades are in group 2:  8th grade is in group 3:  9th & 10th grades are in group 4.  All of our CITs are in either group 1 or group 2.

Tonight’s evening activity is our super duper much anticipated 1st session SOCIAL! An outside DJ comes to camp to spin some tunes and get our campers dancing and boogying all night long in the gym. By “spin some tunes” I mean he probably presses “play” on his computer playlist.  And perhaps they don’t call it “boogying” anymore?  Our girls love to get dressed up, do their hair, and put on make-up for the socials.  You should see how cute our little girls look!  On the boys’ side, if they shower, comb their hair, and put on a clean shirt then we consider that a win.

Today’s special feature is THEATER!  Below are photos from rehearsals for Frozen and Matilda.  Our campers also assist with building sets, making costumes, lighting, and sound.  In the following photos you’ll see several campers building and painting the sets with our counselors.  Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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