Monday, June 29th

Happy first day of majors and minors! We’re excited to report to you that we witnessed some blue sky today! The sun shined through this afternoon!  Woohoo!  The grounds are starting to dry and outdoor activities have resumed once again. The children are swimming, playing soccer, mountain biking, riding horses, in addition to all of our other activities currently going on. Show rehearsals have started, rock bands have been formed, and dances are being choreographed. Kids are walking around doing magic tricks, making all sorts of arts & crafts, and are becoming little chefs in cooking. They’re flying in the air on the giant swing as well as the circus trapezes. We’re so pumped for all the action going on here at Island Lake.

Tonight’s evening activities are groups once again. Those who worked on bunk flags last night will work on their bunk videos tonight and vice versa. Then they’ll be off to socializing at the canteen once again. We have to tell you, even though the weather hasn’t been in our favor just yet, you’d never know it with all of the laughter and smiles around camp and cheer in the dining room. Our campers are forming everlasting friendships with one another and learning so many skills in their activities. We couldn’t be happier!

Today’s special photo feature is SPORTS. Here is only a few of the activities that’s been going on all day up there. Enjoy the pictures and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

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