Monday, June 30th

Today was our first day of majors and minors.  We woke up to rain but fortunately it stopped, the sun broke through the clouds, and activities resumed this morning as if not a speck of rain hit the ground.  We could not ask for a better start of summer thus far.  Our campers are now fully engaged in our major/minor schedule.

The talk around camp,…our first lazy day trip to Dorney Park.  Everyone is going to this action-packed amusement park on Thursday.  Each bunk will stay together so it’ll not only be fun but it’ll be a safe trip too.

Today’s feature,…tchoukball up at the climbing wall/ropes course.



Tonight’s evening activity is “groups” with their group leaders once again.  Each group will have a separate evening activity to bond, not only with their bunk but with the other bunks in their group.  The kids are then off to canteen followed by curfews, staggered every 15 minutes with the youngest in their bunks by 9:30pm and the oldest in their bunks by 10:30pm (CIT’s at 11pm).

Enjoy the rest of your day and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

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