Saturday, August 10th

Happy Saturday, Island Lakers!  We held our session 2 Music Lunch today!  I played the role of DJ Wendy and spun tunes on my iPod in the dining room so our campers could sing and dance throughout lunch.  We had just about everyone up and singing along to new and old school tunes of different generations (“Old Town Road” and “I Want It That Way”) and they cried to our camp alma maters.  Sorry, but I couldn’t resist.  Regardless, music lunch is always a fun time for our campers and our staff as you’ll see in my photos below and on Waldo.

Today’s weather was fantastic!  Are you surprised?  We had lots of sunshine and dry air with a nice breeze.  The temps only reached close to 70 degrees all day.  We are super happy with all of the sunshine we’ve had here at ILC this summer.  We’ve only had a couple of washout days so far (knock on wood!).  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the weather stays beautiful for our 3 special days that are coming up very soon.  What are those days you may be asking?  Why they are Color War!  I can’t tell you when it will break or how it’s going to break but it’s coming up real soon!!!  Our campers have NO IDEA what the teams will be this summer either.  All they know is that it’ll be blue vs. grey.  Will it be the LBC vs. the BBC?  Hmmmm, wait, we already had that challenge earlier this session.  The Lower Boys Campus competed with the Big Boys Campus in cute pranks and they even got many of the girls to choose teams.  One day the LBC kids, counselors, and their female following all showed up to dinner dressed in their team colors with the LBC team name written on their bodies. It made for great camp spirit, both in the dining room and out and around camp.  Now let’s see what they all do for 3 days of fun with Color War.

In riddle news, here’s a reminder of yesterday’s difficult one:  A boy has as many sisters as brothers, but each sister has only half as many sisters as brothers.  How many brothers and sisters are there in the family?  Answer:  4 brothers & 3 sisters.  Congrats to Lisa A. and Ross K. for solving this crazy tongue twister of a puzzle! Here’s today’s much shorter puzzle: What has multiple hearts but lacks other organs?  I don’t know.  I’m guessing something to do with hearts of palm?

Last night’s Dance Show and Magic Show was a huge success.  We even had a camper get out of a straightjacket!  I’ve posted some highlights below and we have tons more photos in Waldo for you to check out and enjoy.

Tonight’s evening activity is the younger camp’s performance of Annie!  I’ve seen a couple of rehearsals for this show and I’m so excited to watch the big performance tonight.  These little kids have some amazing talent.  They’ve been walking around camp singing the songs from Annie all session so I can’t wait to watch them perform it on stage for all of us tonight.  For those of you with children in any of our shows, don’t worry, you’ll have the opportunity to order copies of these performances after the summer.

Today’s special feature is a DOUBLE FEATURE!  I’ve got pics from today’s Music Lunch and I’ve got some highlights from last night’s Dance & Magic Show.  Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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