Saturday, August 13th

Today was our last day of majors and minors for summer 2016. It’s hard to believe that camp is almost over! It truly feels like yesterday when our 1st session buses rolled in to drop off our campers. It will be sad to say goodbye to so many friends we made throughout this fantastic summer.

Today was a busy day here at ILC. . We had our River Trip for campers who enjoy spending the day canoeing and kayaking down the Delaware River. We also sent a large group of campers to Cooperstown to enjoy the Baseball Hall of Fame. Our ILC Open in tennis will complete all of their matches today and the winners will earn trophies. We also had a Fencing Competition this morning for our avid “foilers.”

But wait, it doesn’t end there! Today was also our Magic Show. It was performed during the 3rd minor at the magic building for all who were interested in signing up to watch it.

Our Camp of Thrones challenges will all be completed today. Who will reign supreme over Westerstoltz? Will they demand Dustin’s manbun as tribute? The results will be announced at dinner this evening.

At the end of the 3rd minor I will read a sad poem over the PA about activities being over and end of summer drawing near.  Over 100 campers will then voluntarily come to the office to sing our alma mater as I play it over the PA for the entire camp to hear.  It’s all very bittersweet.

Tonight’s evening activity is our musical, Once Upon A Mattress. This session we will perform the one show for both our older and younger campers. . We’re looking forward to seeing our campers perform on stage for all of their friends.

We have only one more full day left for summer 2016 here at Island Lake. Our blogs will continue, even after camp ends, and will run all year long on a weekly basis. Be sure to continue reading them throughout the fall, winter, and spring months. If any of your children have written anything about their summer experience here at Island Lake that they’d like to share with their camp family, I’d love to post it in the blog. Just email the info to me at

Enjoy your last full day of peace and quiet in your homes before your children invade it,…uh, I mean return to you on Monday. We have one more blog to go while our campers are still here for this Island Lake camp season. Until tomorrow’s final summer 2016 blog, ILC U THERE!

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