Saturday, August 16th

Today is our last day of majors and minors for summer 2014. Hard to believe that camp is almost over! It truly feels like yesterday when our 1st session buses rolled into camp to drop off our campers. We are happy to tell you that the weather has improved a bit since yesterday. The temps are finally warming up again and the blankets are going back into the bunks (lol, as opposed to our campers walking around wrapped up in them yesterday).

For those of you with children here at camp for the 3rd session, please remember that camp ends on Monday, August 18th. The buses should all arrive at their designated bus stops around 11:30am- 12:00pm, give or take a half hour for traffic. Please arrive on time to pick up your children. If you do not live near a bus stop and you are picking up your children here at camp, please arrive at camp no later than 10am.

This morning our Canoe and Kayak campers left for an overnight trip down the Delaware River. It should be a fun day for them relaxing on the river and later this evening pitching a tent and camping out overnight under the stars. Our Mountain Bikers also had their end of the session race here in and around camp today.

Our camper magicians put on a Magic Show during our 3rd minor today. Campers signed up to watch the show in our magic building. This afternoon we had yet one more baseball game for our 6th-8th grade boys here at camp. They played hard and they played well.

One more exciting event that went on here at camp today- our Skatepark Competition! Campers of all levels, beginners to advanced, on skateboards and rollerblades, participated in this competition and had a blast doing so. Fun events for campers with all different activity interests here at Island Lake!

Today’s special feature,…a MISH-MASH VARIETY OF ACTIVITIES! Enjoy the photos!







Tonight’s evening activity is our musical performance of “Big”.  We’re looking forward to seeing our younger and older campers perform on stage for all of their friends.

We have only one more full day left for summer 2014 here at Island Lake.  Our blogs will continue, even after camp ends, and will run all year long on a weekly basis.  Be sure to continue reading them throughout the fall, winter, and spring months.  If any of your children have written anything about their summer here at Island Lake that they’d like to share with their camp family, I’m happy to post it in the blog.  Just email the info to me at  I’ll remind you later on about this, as well.

Enjoy your last full day of peace and quiet in your homes before your children invade it,…uh, I mean return to you on Monday.  We have one more blog to go while our campers are still here for this Island Lake camp season.  Until then, ILC U THERE!

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