Saturday, July 13th

Hello Island Lake families! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. Here at camp all of our days are the same, so we had another successful day of majors and minors.  Our weather started off cool (about 60 degrees when we woke up for breakfast this morning) and cloudy and by 1stmajor the sun broke through the clouds and the temps warmed up.  We ended up having an absolutely beautiful sunny day with the temps reaching 80 degrees.

Our campers on the river trip returned this morning after a fun day of canoeing and kayaking down the Delaware River and then camping out overnight.  Our pioneering children also camped out last night up at Tent City. 16 campers, 10 boys and 6 girls, hiked up to Tent City after evening activity.  Earlier in the day they had pitched their tents, 1 for the boys and 1 for the girls, so it was ready for them when they arrived last night.  The boys built a big fire and all of our “campers” (get it?  They are camping and they are campers so therefore they are a double entendre of “campers”.  Ahhh, sometimes my puns go over even my own head!) enjoyed s’mores in the night time hours. They played card games in their tents until it was time to go to sleep.  At breakfast this morning they reported back to me that they had a great time. One boy even slept on a hammock!

Today was a busy day with sporting events for our ILC’ers.  This morning our 8th  & 9th  grade girls played in a tennis tournament here at camp and we won.  Yay!!!  We also had boys and girls of different age groups go out of camp for a big tennis tournament at another Wayne County camp.  Our 4th  & 5th  grade boys went out of camp for a baseball game this morning, too.  If I don’t mention whether we won or lost it’s because I wasn’t able to find out the results prior to posting this blog.

Shockingly, no one emailed me his or her guesses as to why we lots power yesterday!  I guess it’ll go into the “unknown” file.  Here’s today’s realriddle for you:  What is a thing that must be given before you can keep it?  I’m proud to say that for once, I actually got this answer correct!!!

Last night’s Luau was a hit! Our campers had fun with the slip & slide, water balloon toss (sorry, I missed getting any photos of it), tiki drinks, limbo, hoola hooping, and bubble making.  I took tons of photos and although you’ve probably seen many of these on Waldo, I’m posting a bunch of them as today’s special feature.

Tonight’s evening activity is GROUPS!  Here’s a breakdown of what everyone is doing:  GIRLS- all groups are going to participate in the game, “Are You Smarter Than Your Group Leader”.  BOYS- Groups 1 & 2- Kong Pong;  Groups 3 & 4- Campfire.

Okey dokey, that’s it for now.  Enjoy all of the Luau photos below and until tomorrow when we’ll Groundhogs Day this all over again, ILCUTHERE!!!

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