Saturday, July 27th

Happy Changeover Day! With sadness we bid farewell to our 1st session campers this morning.  On a brighter note, we welcomed our 2nd session campers with open arms this afternoon.  It’s always difficult to see good friends leave but fortunately, lots of campers stayed on from 1stsession.

I know this will come as a shocker to you but today we had yet another beautiful day of weather. Woohoo!  The temps warmed up to close to 80 degrees in the afternoon and the sun shined bright for our buses as they pulled into camp with our new, excited 2nd session campers.

At this point, all of our new campers have safely arrived at camp, other than the Newark kids who are on their way and should be here during dinner.

Last night’s performance of “Matilda” was fantastic and entertaining!  The older kids all performed their hearts out.  Between our talented campers, wonderful theater staff, group leaders, and adult staff who made cameo appearances, the show was a great success!

With our 1st session performances all done now, we will start over again in the 2nd session with auditions tomorrow on 4-minor day.  Our younger camper show will be “Annie Junior” and our older camp show will be “Peter & the Star Catcher” (remake of “Peter Pan”).   Our sports tournaments will continue into the 2ndsession, as well.

Our special guest photographer, David Lobel, came to camp to take photos once again.  You can check them out and download any you wish for free at the following link:

Tonight’s evening activity is “Make Your Own Mess” (aka “Make Your Own Sundae”)!  Campers will go to the canteen with their bunkmates to make ice cream sundaes and get to know their new friends better.

Today’s special feature is yesterday’s Rock Concert and last night’s “Matilda!”  Enjoy and until tomorrow, which is our 2ndsession 4-minor day, ILCUTHERE!

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