Saturday, July 9th- Rookie Day!

Happy Rookie Day! Today we had a handful of future Island Lakers come to camp and receive the royal ILC treatment by experiencing several activities and dining with us for lunch. These children made friends with other rookies, in addition to our current campers. Some rookies are younger siblings of our campers and some rookies are the first in their family to get a taste of what Island Lake has to offer. The first Rookie Day was today and our second one is next Saturday, July 16th. If you or any of your friends are interested in having your young child experience ILC for a day in the life of a camper, just give us a call. We’d be happy to have your younger one join us here at camp for the day.

Although we didn’t have the best of weather today, our campers and rookies made the best out of what they were given. We woke up to misty rain and some fog, which stayed with us until lunch when a thunderstorm rolled through Starrucca. The rain stayed with us for a large portion of the day, but by snack break the skies cleared and the sun made its cameo appearance. We were able to end our Rookie Day with a pool party, which was a lot of fun for the kids. The rain unfortunately returned right as the pool party was ending so our rookies were able to have some fun in the sun while it lasted. (This weather forecast has been brought to you by Wendy B. Stravitz, your Island Lake meteorologist!!! Lol!!!)

This yucky weather got in the way of some special events that were supposed to take place today. We were going to send our water enthusiasts on a tubing trip down the Delaware River, but we’ll have to reschedule it for another day before this session ends. We also had to postpone some outdoor intercamp games, such as our 6th & 7th grade girls’ tennis, 6th & 7th grade boys lacrosse, and 8th & 9th grade boys hockey.

Last night our evening activity was a 2-parter. First we announced the winners of our annual ILC Session 1 Bunk Cup, followed by everyone’s favorite surprise evening activity,…Revival Night! As always, Revival was a hit. Here’s a run down of our Bunk Cup finalists. On the girls side, in 4th place was girls bunk 8, 3rd place was G21, and in 2nd place was G24. The overall winner of Bunk Cup on the girls’ side was,…drum roll please,…GIRLS BUNK 20!!! Woohoo! Yay!

And now on the boys side, in 4th place was B24, 3rd place was B21, 2nd place was B12, and the winner on the boys side was,…drum rolls,….BOYS BUNK 22! The overall big winner of bunk cup, for both the boys and the girls side was,…..BOYS BUNK 22!!! (Cheers from the croud!) B22 brought home the large gold bunk cup trophy, along with unlimited bragging rights for the rest of the summer. Go B22! We’re proud of you guys!!!

Today’s special feature is none other than our ROOKIE DAY! Tonight’s evening activity is GROUPS! Due to the on and off rain all day, each group’s activity is still up in the air, weather pending. We’ll have to decide on each group’s evening activity shortly before it begins. I’ll try to fill you in on what each group does in tomorrow’s blog. Until then, ILCUTHERE!

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