Saturday, June 30th

Happy Saturday-right-before-the-big-holiday everybody! Or as we call it here at Island Lake, just another beautiful day in Starrucca, PA. Can you believe we’re already one week into camp? Time sure does fly by when we’re having fun. And fun is indeed what you’re children are having here at ILC so far.

So remember that cold rainy weather I was “gently” complaining about a few days ago? Well the sunshine god have finally returned my calls after I left them endless voicemails, texts, and Facebook messages. They’re now making up for lost time with warm temps and sunshine. Woohoo! We hit the upper 80’s today, which I’m sure is still much cooler than the temps you’re experiencing back at home. We’re frequently reminding our campers to carry water bottles and to keep applying sunscreen. We have bottles of sunscreen placed in many buildings and departments here at camp so they can even apply mid-major/minor if needed.

Our 5th grade and under baseball boys played a game here at home this morning against another camp. Our 6th & 7th grade boys had a tennis tournament here at camp this afternoon, as well. It’s great to see the sports getting off to a start now that all of the camps in the area are in full swing.

Tonight’s evening activity is a new game for our Island Lakers called, “Taken.” Contrary to the big time rumors going around camp, it’s not Revival Night. I’ll explain Revival to our rookie parents when that evening activity actually takes place. Now back to Taken. Our group leader, Patrick, created this mystery game for the whole camp to participate in all at once. It involves bunks collecting clues about adult staff members who are suspects accused of stealing canteen tokens. The bunks have to perform interviews with suspects and collect clues all around camp to solve this crime. They have all of evening activity to work on this as well as tomorrow. The details of the crime will be revealed at dinner tomorrow so we expect the kids to all debate “who done it”.

Today’s special feature is PIONEERING! Below you’ll see kids scaling the climbing wall, flying down the zipline, soaring through the air on the giant swing, climbing the upper ropes course, and having a good ol’ fashioned water fight to cool off this afternoon. Enjoy these pics and the beautiful blue sky and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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