Sunday, August 17th- Last Day of Camp

Sadly, today was our last full day of camp.  Summer 2014 here at Island Lake has been absolutely fantastic!  We could not have asked for a better summer filled with happy campers and amazing counselors.  Your children will for sure come home with long lasting memories of their experiences here at camp this summer.

Tomorrow the buses should all arrive at their designated bus stops between 11:30am-12:00pm, give or take a half hour.  Please be there on time to pick up your children.  If you are not sure which bus stop we have in our records for your children, please call us here at camp before 5:00pm when the office will be closing for tonight’s banquet festivities.

Today we let the camp sleep in and we had a late wake up and breakfast at 9am.  The kids then went back to their bunks to start cleaning up.  We then had our big session 3 Dance Show in the theater for all to enjoy.  Lunch followed and then we had our 2nd annual Color Run.  Most of the camp participated in this fun run today.  As they reached certain locations they got sprayed with paint of different colors.  They all eventually gathered at the finish line, proud of their accomplishments.  We’ll definitely post photos of the Color Run for our camp families to view on our daily summer photos.

After the Color Run we had our final Rock Concert in the gym.  Following the rock concert all of the kids went back to their bunks to pack, sadly.  We handed out all leftover money in the kids’ bank accounts and they collected all of their belongings at the different departments at camp- arts & crafts, skatepark, sports, music, etc.

Tonight we have our annual ILC banquet in the dining room.  Instead of eating cafeteria style, the kids will all sit at the tables of their choice and the kitchen staff will bring the food out to the tables.  We’ll play music and there will be some dancing, lots of picture taking, and some awards will be presented after dinner.

After the banquet, weather permitting, we will go down to the waterfront where each bunk will take a candle onto the lake and make a bunk wish together.  Following this we will burn the “Island Lake 2014” sign on the water and we’ll sing some camp songs, including our ILC alma mater.  We will end the waterfront portion of the night with a big firework display.

Once the lakeside events are complete, we will all head into the theater to watch the summer 2014 Island Lake video yearbook.  The yearbook is a compilation of the entire summer here at camp.  After camp we will make duplicates of the yearbook and send them to every ILC family.

Although it will be late, we’ll allow all of our campers to make one last trip to the canteen to eat their hearts one final time.  Based on how late the yearbook runs we will decide when everyone’s curfew will be.

And that’s about it for the Island Lake Summer 2014 blogs.  It’s been a pleasure writing for all of you every day.  I hope you enjoyed reading my blogs as much as I enjoyed writing them for all of you.  We hope your children all come home “happy campers” tomorrow, healthy, sort of clean, and with all of their personal belongings.  Our office here at camp will remain open for a couple more weeks so if you need to contact us, just give us a call here at the camp number.

It’s been the most amazing, fantastic, wonderful summer, and until next year when we can all be together once again, ILC U THERE!!!

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