Sunday, August 5th

We’re in our final week here at Island Lake. Although it feels like yesterday when the opening day buses rolled onto Island Lake Road, it’s already been over 6 full weeks of camp. I hope your children come home next Saturday happy, healthy, and they share all of their amazing camp memories with you. And hey, if there’s a pair of clean matching socks thrown into the duffel, even better!

Today was an absolutely beautiful day in Starrucca, PA. I never get sick of saying that. We woke to pretty warm temps (close to 70 degrees) and they rose throughout the day to the mid 80’s. It’s definitely not nearly as hot up here in the mountains as I hear it is south of us in the tri-state area. We had blue skies with the sun shining bright all day long.

Last night’s younger kids’ show, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” was adorable! The kids did an amazing job performing on stage for their peers. We have lots of pictures posted on our daily photos. David Lobel is also back at camp taking photos so you can view his pics at the following link:

And now it’s riddle time! Yesterday’s riddle was: I have two legs but they only touch the ground while I’m at rest. What am I? Answer: a wheelbarrow (ok, I have a confession. I’m in my 40’s and I only just learned today that it’s not “wheelbarrel.” Who’s with me here?) Today’s riddle: A child was born in 1955. Today is their 18th birthday. How is that possible?

Our ILC Tennis Open has finally been completed. Congrats to all of our runner-ups and winners. They will receive trophies at our closing night banquet on Friday. Here’s a complete list for you:


Group 1: Runner up- Grayson L.    Winner- Ricky P.

Group 2: Runner up- Aden K.        Winner- Andrew G.

Group 3: Runner up- Jack S.          Winner- Trey S.

Group 4: Runner up- Emi P.            Winner- David P.


Group 1: Runner up- Daniella T.      Winner- Lucy H.

Group 2: Runner up- Eliza Z.          Winner- Abby M.

Group 3: Runner up- Isabella F.      Winner- Kamryn W.

Group 4: Runner up- Sammy W.     Winner- Bella G.

Step right up because tonight’s evening activity is the Circus Show! We’re looking forward to our 2nd and final circus performance to see all that our campers have learned over the course of the summer. It’s going to be an exciting fun-filled night with the flying trapeze, high wire, fabric, lyra, mini-trampoline, rolling globe, ground skills, and more! We know it’ll be the best show on earth with the theme being Music From the Grammys.

Today’s special feature is photos from last night’s performance of Charlie Brown! Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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