Sunday, August 6th

We’re in our final stretch here at Island Lake. It’s our last week of camp. Although it feels like yesterday when the opening day buses rolled onto Island Lake Road, it’s already been 6 full weeks of camp. I hope your children come home next Saturday happy, healthy, and with only amazing memories to share with you. And hey, if there’s a pair of matching socks thrown into the duffel, even better!

This morning was a chilly one with temps only in the 50’s but sunny skies. By lunchtime the temps reached the mid 60’s and the high was only around 70 degrees today. Although chilly for August, it’s perfect for children who are running around all day.

This has been a great summer for prank wars here at camp. I thought you’d get a kick out of hearing what’s been going on all over camp this summer. Let’s see,…so the summer started out with a continuation of last summer’s prank war between the current G20 vs. Matt Stoltz. They decorated his golfcart and then sprayed his office windows by writing G20 everywhere with shaving cream and window markers. Matt besought his revenge by stealing their pillows and not returning them until the girls announced in the dining room in front of the whole camp that Matt is the king of all prank wars. Then there was some good ol’ fashioned fun between G2 vs. me (Wendy). They (& G12) love to take the bungee cords off of my quad and not return them. G2 did so and declared war on me so I went into their bunk during an activity and took all of their spare blankets. Don’t worry, I returned them before bedtime that night. I kept them just long enough for them to notice. Well then they got ahold of some silly string and slaughtered my quad with it. That was a real treat to clean up! I decided to retire the war with them at that point and let the little girls declare victory over me.

Here are some other prank wars that occurred this summer: G24 moved all of the boats to blockade the dining room doors and let B24 get blamed for it. G23 stole all of G20’s orbeez and delivered them in cups and pitchers on their dining room table.   Just recently, G24 stole all of girls campus’s shower curtains. To get retribution, Dustin and Trip are in the midst of taking all of G24’s towels & linens, which they may notice by dinnertime shortly. There’s another trick up their sleeve for later tonight but I can’t yet share it with you in case you’re the parent of a G24 camper with a phone call this evening. These prank wars have all been good ol’ fashioned camp fun and no personal property was damaged.

Back in ILC news, our theater shows, Suessical and Thoroughly Modern Millie, practiced full run throughs today. Suessical, our younger camer show, will perform on Tuesday night and Modern Millie, our older camper show, will perform on Thursday. Circus is also practicing for their big performance for the camp on Wednesday night. Tomorrow night our magicians and dancers will show off their skills for the camp when they perform for everyone at evening activity.

Our tennis campers have been competing in another ILC Open this session and this morning was our semi-finals. Our tennis finals are tomorrow so I’ll let you know who the winners are then. Skatepark is having their once per session competition tomorrow for our avid skateboarders and rollerbladers of all skill levels. I’ll let you know who those winners are, as well.

Tonight’s evening activity is our big, spectacular, 2nd session SOCIAL! ILC’s favorite DJ Dennis will be here to spin tunes and bring our campers to their feet to dance all night long. Our girls will get dressed up and look very pretty. Our boys,…well, we’re lucky if they shower. Our campers always have a blast at the social.

Today’s special feature is CIRCUS! Please excuse some of the action blur. Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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