Sunday, July 21st

Hi Island Lake families! For all of you who joined us here at camp yesterday, I hope you had a wonderful Visiting Day with your children. I especially hope you received tons of positive feedback from your kids and their counselors while also getting to see activities that your children have been participating in all summer long.  The weather gods were working overtime so although it was hotter than usual, we all had a fantastic day with you, so thanks for coming.

Speaking of weather news, the sun was shining once again today and the temps were super warm in the mid 80’s.  Well, until around 4:15 that is.  Then I’d say we were “blessed” with rain because it’s cooling the temps off nicely. The rain didn’t last long and they were back in action shortly afterwards.

In ILC sports, our 7th grade boys and our 9th grade boys played in a tennis match here at home today against another Wayne County camp.  I’m excited to tell you that both teams won their matches today.  Yay!  Our ILC Open finals took place this afternoon and all of the matches are almost complete.

A reminder of the riddle from 2 days ago:  What never walks but crawls or flies, and is often killed but never dies? Answer:  Time!  Ahhhhhh, tricky, huh?  Today’s riddle:  A butcher is 5’11” tall and has a size 13 shoes.  What does he weigh?  I’m sooooo proud to announce that I immediately got this riddle correct.  It must be an easy one, huh?  That or I must have heard it in the past.

Tonight’s evening activity is a camp-wide fav:  Mr. & Ms. ILC!  This is a special one for the books.  The girls’ bunks dress up male counselors and the boys’ bunks dress up female counselors to look, act, and perform as the opposite gender.  Mr. & Ms. ILC is a light-hearted, fun pageant and quite an entertaining show for everyone involved, including our spectators.  It’s all about being in the audience to enjoy this evening activity.

Since your kids still have tons of junk in the bunk, canteen will be closed tonight.  They’ll still have the opportunity to hang out at the gym until curfew, as usual.   Don’t worry about your children’s junk food coma’s, I’m doing my best to help them eat it all in within 3 days!

Our special feature for today is actually from last night’s evening activity, Squeaky Clean.  They are a rock & roll band and they’ve been coming to Island Lake to perform for over 20 years now.  It has somehow become tradition for our campers to dress up for this show, either by dressing in a onesie or,…wait for it,…wait for it,….by dressing up in shower attire!  And by shower attire I mean bathrobes, towels, hair twirlies, etc.  I just had to grab my camera and snap some photos from this event to show you all of the silliness and fun that our campers and counselors have at this social event.  Enjoy these pics and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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