Sunday, July 24th

I hope you all had a fantastic Visiting Day here at Island Lake yesterday. Our campers were so excited to share their summer experiences with you, their parents, and it was a very positive day for all. Now that Visiting Day is behind us, Island Lake is all about Color War for these next 3 days. West Coast vs. East Coast has proven to be a great theme thus far with both teams making fantastic use of their team names. Campers and staff are very into Color War right now and the energy is running high.

This morning we had team meetings and then sports for all of the age groups. With lots of energy and excitement for Color War the kids played the following: steal the bacon, dodgeball, gaga, soccer, touch football, softball, touch football, water basketball, hockey, volleyball, and chopped (cooking).

This sunny afternoon we hosted the Swim Meet down by the swimming pool and the lake. A variety of groups participated in the following on the lake: canoe relay, kayak relay, standup paddle board, peddle boat relay, log rolling, freestyle relay, medley relay, kickboard relay, freestyle relay, sweat suit relay, greased watermelon, & swim to the island and back.  Here’s a list of activities that took place in the swimming pool: penny fetch, water basketball, medley relay, kickboard relay, paddleboard relay, & freestyle relay.

After the swim meet ended we had a snack break at the bunks and then team meetings. After the meetings and before dinner we then had the game Unique. It’s a trivia game in the theater and it’s done group by group. The kids come up to the stage and stand before podiums with lights. When a camper knows the answer to a trivia question, whether it is related to the CW teams or camp, they flip a light switch and then answer. They earn points for their team by answering questions correctly.

Tonight’s evening activity is the Rope Burn. The counselors fetch wood and build their fires while the kids cheer them on. The first team to burn the rope with their fire wins. This is such a great traditional Island Lake activity.

Below are some photos from the sports earlier today. For more photos, please view our daily summer photos through CampMinder. Until more Color War scoop tomorrow when I tell you which team is in the lead, ILC U THERE!

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