Sunday, July 2nd

Today was an absolutely beautiful day in Starrucca, PA! We woke up to sunshine after having yet another thunderstorm last night. This morning the temps were in the low to mid 60’s and slowly warmed up to a perfect upper 70’s. Another great day of weather to play camp in.

Speaking of playing, we had lots of intercamp games here at ILC this afternoon. Our 4th & 5th grade girls played basketball (awww, how cute!) and they won!!! Our 6th & 7th grade boys also played a basketball game here at home. They played amazingly well and also won by a landslide. Now I’m saving the best for last. Our 8th & 9th grade girls played a soccer game(or as our European staff would call it, a “football match”). Not only did they win, but they shut out the other camp 18-0!!!! We are all soooo proud of our Island Lakers today.

I ran an activity this morning with the arts & crafts department called “Chalkin’ & Walkin’ with Wendy”. The kids and I had so much fun drawing all over the new path that leads up to the dining room. You’ll see a few pictures below of our master creation.

My conversation with a 10-year old first time camper today.

Me: Hey “Johnny”! (name changed so as to not embarrass anyone)

He then shows me pictures on his camera of lizards he caught up at pioneering during the activity period that had just ended.

Me: What do you think of camp so far?

Camper: I like it! I like it A LOT!

Me: Do you like your bunk

Camper: I love them!

Me: Do you like your counselors?

Camper: I love them!

Me: Do you like your activities

Camper: I love them!

He then proceeded to ask me to ride in the first row with him on one of the biggest roller coaster at Dorney Park on Wednesday, Steel Force. But wait, not just once, but he asked me to ride it with him THREE TIMES in the front row! I told him we’d try to coordinate 1 time! Gotta love children and summer camp!

Tonight’s evening activity is our super duper much anticipated 1st session SOCIAL! An outside DJ comes to camp to spin some tunes in the gym and get our campers up and boogying all night long. Ok, perhaps they don’t call it “boogying” anymore, but ya know what I mean. Our girls love to get dressed up and do their hair and make-up for the socials. You should see how cute our little girls look! On the boys’ side, if we’re lucky they’ll shower, comb their hair, and put on a clean shirt. Our campers are literally going to put on their Sunday best!

Today’s special feature is TENNIS (& the sidewalk chalking)! The sun shined bright while these kids received instructional tennis out on our courts. I hope you’re all enjoying your long holiday weekend. Everyone here is getting pumped up for our 4th of July festivities. I’ll leave those details to share with you in a later blog. Until then, ILCUTHERE!

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