Sunday, July 30th

I’M BAAAAAACCCKKK!!! It’s Wendy here and we safely returned from our successful trip to Cleveland, Ohio last night around 9pm. I’ll fill you in more about the trip later on in this blog. I just want to thank Dustin for writing such amazing blogs while I was away. He’s very creative and it shined right through in his writing these past 4 days.

Here at camp it is COUNTRY WESTERN DAY! Yeehaaawww!!! Bust out your flannel, whip out your,…well, your whip, and ride ‘em on cowboy, because we’re celebrating today. Tonight we will end the day with a big Hoedown for evening activity. I’ll tell you more about it later in the blog.

In ILC news, today is our overnight river trip for our canoe and kayak enthusiasts. They will spend the day in their respective boats paddling down the Delaware River. They’ll camp out tonight under the stars and return tomorrow.

Tonight we also have our annual Science Observatory Trip. They will leave after dinner and head to Binghamton, NY to the Kopernik Observatory and Science Center. There they’ll explore computer science, solar system travel, view a meteor shower, Lego robotics, and a whole lot more.

We had blue skies here in the 18462 today. The day started off very cool but the temperatures eventually rose to a perfect mid 70’s. It will probably be a cool night once again but the temperatures will peak a bit higher tomorrow.

The Cleveland trip was a fantastic time for our campers. I, for one, am happy to be back home in the 18462 to enjoy our final couple of weeks with everyone here at camp. However, some of our campers weren’t yet ready to return because they were having too much fun. The kids got along very well with one another. They followed directions very,….uuuuhhhh, let’s just say that at last count, we returned with every child we left camp with.

We had great weather on 3 out of 4 days away. It rained a bit when we were at Cedar Point Amusement Park. Due to high winds (the park is right on Lake Erie) some of the larger thrill rides had to close. But there are so many different rides to choose from that it didn’t put a damper on any Island Laker’s day.

Highlights of the trip: Getting on the jumbotron at the Cleveland Indians game; eating, eating, and more eating; Dave & Busters’ games; everything at Cedar Point, for sure; that there are 4 claps in the Friends theme song (we watched enough episodes on the bus for everyone to now know); returning to camp! (Oh wait that’s MY highlight!). I took close to 100 pictures on the trip so I’ll feature some of them below in this blog and all will be posted on CampMinder today.

Tonight’s evening activity is the HOEDOWN! Yeeehaaawww! We will venture up to the hockey rink for a night of fun in the hay. Not only will we have music to dance to (country style but of course) but we will also have all of the following events happening in real time: line dancing, marriage booth, pie eating contest (for the counselors), tractor photo shoot, find the Dum-Dum pops in the haystacks, the corn hole game, CIT’s relaxing in a horse trough of bath water, counselor petting zoo (which consists of them wearing animal onesies), and much more. We’ll have lots of photos to show you tomorrow.

Today’s special feature is from none other than the Cleveland Trip! Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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