Sunday, June 28th

Happy first full day of camp! Yesterday’s Opening Day went extremely well with lots of happy campers coming off of the buses. New friendships have already formed and old friendships are resuming. Campers are bonding with one another and their counselors as they settle into Summer 2015 here at Island Lake.   Be sure to check out our daily summer photos through CampMinder along with our daily short videos on our Facebook page (starting tomorrow) to check out more that’s going on here at ILC.

It may be cool and rainy here at camp but our children & staff have prevailed! Today was 4-minor day and the kids were busy trying out activities to see what they’d like to sign up for as their majors for the remainder of the session.   Deep water tests have been put on hold and will hopefully resume if weather improves tomorrow. Sports still took place in the gym, pioneering under cover, tennis in the hockey rink, and all else resumed as normal.

After lunch today we gave out over 50 5-year jackets, as well as 10-year and 15-year jackets. Below, at the end of this post, are some photos of our campers sporting their new ILC-wear. I have a feeling they’ll be wearing their jackets quite a bit over the course of the next week (but hopefully not too much as we send out positive weather vibes!).

After their 4 minors, we split the camp in half and had a fun extravaganza of Crazy Games up in the gym and hockey rink. The kids participated and cheered their groups on as they ran around having fun-filled fantabulous time.

Tonight’s evening activity is groups, which means the group leaders take charge and run different activities for their bunks. This session we will once again start up Bunk Cup so tonight the bunks will either work on their bunk flags or their bunk videos. For those of you not familiar with Bunk Cup, it’s an event that runs throughout the session where each bunk is its own team. They can earn points in just about every activity here at camp. At the end of the session we tally up the points and have a winner on the boys side and a winner on the girls side. This is our 2nd annual Bunk Cup and the kids are so excited for it.

Well, that’s about it for now. Please return to this blog each day, as I (Wendy) will be posting ongoing events happening here at Island Lake on a daily basis. Until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!


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