Thank You To Our Staff

All of us at Island Lake would to take a moment to thank our staff members for making ILC the most spectacular place on earth. Camp is a huge melting pot of nationalities and demographics, ranging from our young campers to our adult staff. Working together in this small microcosm of society, our staff members have created a special home to so many throughout the past few decades. You, our counselors, are the ones who work incredibly hard to provide children with the summers of their lives. Ranging from bunk counselors to department heads to support staff, group leaders, and head counselors, you all work effectively together to hone children’s skills in a wide variety of activities. With our top notch facilities and our highly professional staff members, we are able to introduce children to activities and have them succeed in ways we never thought possible. Ranging from our circus program to our sports department to our theater, horseback riding, skatepark, waterfront, magic, tennis, cooking, pioneering, and more, anything is possible for our children, and this is because of you.

It is because of our amazing staff that Island Lake has become a home away from home for so many year in and year out. You have created a community for campers to develop unique friendships and create memories that will truly last a lifetime. We acknowledge all of the hard work and dedication that our staff put into their jobs for two months out of the year and we would just like to thank you all for your dedication and commitment to Island Lake.

We would love to hear from our staff, as well as our campers. Please email us at or and we will post your messages on our blog. Thank you all again for making Summer 2013 the best one yet! ILC U THERE!

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