Thursday, July 23rd

Today was Lazy Day so our kids all went out of camp after our big mid-morning brunch. It was absolutely beautiful out and the perfect day for our 7th grade and up to head to Nathaniel Cole Park where they had a beach for the kids to relax. We hosted our own barbeque cookout for dinner before they headed back to camp.  Our 6th grade and younger campers went to the bowling alley in Binghamton. We had a cookout for dinner for them here at camp.

Saturday is approaching fast and with that comes our one and only annual Island Lake Visiting Day! (Cheers in the background,…woohoo,…yay!) We know you’re excited to come up to camp to live out your youth and we’re excited to have you join us and see your children. We’ll have lots of activities and exhibits going on all day, as well as a huge lunch buffet. If you prefer, you can take your children out of camp for the day.

I’m sure you plan to bring lots of food and junk to shower your children with affection, so please keep in mind that we discard all of the food 2 days later. Do not bring so much that your children have to throw away lots of great homemade brownies, cookies, bagged chips, chocolate, grandma’s secret recipes, etc. We truly hate to waste food, so don’t shlep too much up here.

Please refrain from bringing bottled water and drinks, too. We have well water here at camp that is just as good, or even better than, bottled water. Bottled drinks will also be discarded so save yourself the muscular strength of carrying these heavy items into camp.

Visiting Day hours are from 9:30-3:30. If you leave camp for the day, please bring your children back on time for our other annual big, huge, extravagant Water Fight! Parents are fair game if they’re still here for the water fight so just remember, quick and speedy goodbyes are easier on your children. We expect that some campers will be in tears so our staff will be around to help them through what’s usually just a short moment of sadness. The water fight is a great distraction to get children through their difficult goodbyes. Please just work with us and know your children are in great hands here at camp.

Today’s special feature is the COOKOUT for our 6th grade and younger campers. Evening activity for tonight is GROUPS. Have a great night and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

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