Thursday, July 28th

Hi ILC Families! Today was Lazy Day so everyone left camp for the day. Groups 1&2 went to Montage Mountain Water Park where they had a fantastic day outdoors. The feedback was, “It was fun! The waterslides were the best!” The also said “We went on the toilet bowl! It’s a slide. It was really fun.” So hey, I guess they had a great time!

Group 3 went to Sky Zone, a trampoline park just outside of Scranton, PA. The feedback was, “It was fun to jump around! Man, I’m tired now.” I also heard, “I got my front flip down!”, “I dunked 12 feet!”, and “Flipping out even before we got there!” (I think those kids were trying to make up cute quotes at that point,…lol!).

Group 4 went to Ithaca for the day and they are now at the Binghamton Mets baseball game. In Ithaca they went to a state park and then Ithaca Commons, a shopping area. Don’t worry parents, we didn’t give them enough money to shop till they dropped. The group leaders all had cameras with them today so hopefully we’ll have lots of photos that will be posted on CampMinder tomorrow.

Tonight we had a cookout where we ate dinner outdoors at the picnic tables. Evening activity will be groups. Here’s a list of what everyone is doing. BOYS: Groups 1&2- Campfire: Group 3- Scavenger Hunt: Group 4- Binghamton Mets game. GIRLS: Groups 1&2- Lip Sync Battle: Group 3- Fashion Extravaganza: Group 4- Binghamton Mets game.

Tomorrow we start up with our regular activities until the end of the session, which is drawing near way too quickly. Session 2 is over on Tuesday, August 2nd, so be sure to come to your appropriate bus stop if your children are going home that day. The buses should arrive at all of the stops sometime around 11:30am-12:00pm, give or take a half hour. I will provide more details in the next few days. Until then, ILC U THERE!

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