Thursday, June 28th

Happy Lazy Day! Today was our first weekly Lazy Day of the summer. Our campers had the opportunity to sleep in, which many needed, and then we had a big brunch at 10:30am. We had an optional breakfast at 8am for our early risers and I hear it was a full house.

Groups 3&4 (8th grade and up) departed from camp first as they made their way to Binghamton to a big bowling alley. The kids had fun bowling, playing laser tag, riding bumper cars, playing arcade games, and enjoyed the snack bar.   Groups 1&2 (7th grade and under) then went to see Incredibles 2 at a local town. The overall feedback is that they absolutely LOVED the movie.

Today was a mish-mosh of weather as we experienced a mostly cloudy day, a little bit of rain, and then shortly before dinnertime the sunshine managed to return. Fortunately most of the rain occurred while our campers were out of camp. The temps are finally warming up again as we reached the mid-70’s. It was nice to see the sun and blue sky peep through the clouds once again. I’ve missed it! I’m happy to report that the temps are supposed to continue to increase another 10 degrees over the next few days and the sun will be shining tomorrow. Yay, summer weather is upon us!

Tonight’s dinner was a cookout of burgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, and all of the trimmings. Tonight’s evening activity is GROUPS. Here’s the rundown: GIRLS: Groups 1&2- ugly fashion show (just what it sounds like. They dress up in silly clothing and make up and have a good ol’ time fashioning it for everyone else); Group 3- pool party (with boys group 3); Group 4- ugly fashion show with boys group 2 but with a different spin. The girls will dress up the male counselors from boys group 2 and boys group 2 will dress up the female counselors from girls group 4. BOYS: Group 1- gaga; Group 2- ugly fashion show with girls group 4; Group 3- pool party; Group 4- capture the flag.

Today’s special feature is the COOKOUT!  Additionally, we didn’t post daily photos on CampMinder today due to it being Lazy Day and we just didn’t feel like it. Just kiddin’! They’ll be posted tomorrow morning. Until then, ILCUTHERE!

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