Tuesday, August 12th

Before we jump headlong into the first day of Tribals, let’s check in on our Teen Trippers in Toronto: On the schedule today is a tour of the National Hockey Hall of Fame, followed by lunch at the Eaton Centre. After lunch, our campers will be taking a tour of the CN Tower and then finishing the day at Ripley’s Aquarium. It will be wall-to-wall excitement for our campers and those few lucky counselors who were selected to chaperone.

Now…on to TRIBALS

Welcome to Day One of Tribals! Our campers and counselors found our which team they were on and who their Tribal Leaders were last night. The teams this summer are the White Mojave Wolves, Red Choctaw Bears and Blue Shawnee Ravens. Two male and two female counselors lead the teams (Chiefs and Elders), and campers from Groups 3-5, as well as CITs (Warriors, Hunters, Councilmen and Tribesmen).

The competition has been fierce, and the enthusiasm has been through the roof! Despite the rain this morning, our first Activity period was an action packed roller coaster full of thrills and excitement. The White Mojave Wolves pulled off an incredible victory in a hilarious game of Human Foosball in our Hockey Rink. Not to be outdone, the Red Choctaw Bears snatched a close victory during Parachute Games in our Gym.

Unfortunately, the rain forced us indoors in the early afternoon. Crazy Games lived up to their name and were indeed C-R-A-Z-Y: pass the Life Saver, counselor cling wrap, basketball waddle, dizzy bat races and a hula hoop challenge! When the dust finally settled on the craziest of the crazy games, the Red Choctaw Bears ended the activity victorious and went into the afternoon activity session in the lead.

Our Second Activity Period contained another Human Foosball match and an exciting round of Chopped in our Cooking Department. The Blue Shawnee Ravens and White Mojave Wolves cut into the Red Choctaw Bears lead by both winning their respective Human Foosball matches. The Blue Shawnee Ravens cut even further into the Red Choctaw Bears lead by winning Chopped!

Tonight our evening activity will be a thrilling heads-up, survival of the fittest, quickest and smartest Pop Culture Quiz! The campers and counselors are gearing up now! Let the best team win and until then, ILC U THERE!

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