Tuesday, July 11th

Another day in the books here at ILC! Although cloudy in the first half of the day, we were happy that the rain stayed far away and activities resumed per usual. The sun peeked from the clouds here and there during the afternoon hours but otherwise it was a cloudy day in Starrucca, PA.

Tomorrow is already our 3rd Lazy Day of the summer. Where does the time go? We’re going to send our campers on a few different adventures. Boys and girls groups 1&2 will go to Sky Zone. Boys and girls group 3 will go to Montage Mountain Waterpark. Boys and girls group 4 will head up to Ithaca for a fun day of site seeing. They’ll check out the gorges (waterfalls), I’m sure they’ll go shopping for “Ithaca is Gorges” t-shirts, and they’ll relax around the town. Please remember that our camp photographer will not be posting photos tomorrow but he’ll try to get pics up as soon as possible Thursday morning.

We hosted our annual 8th & 9th grade boys volleyball tournament here at camp today. Other camps came here to play in an elimination tournament of which we did very well. Our 8th & 9th grade girls soccer team went out of camp to play a match, as well. We shut out the other camp (Woohoo!) so we’re moving on to the next round.  And as usual, our ILC Open continued to run strong on our tennis courts during all of the minor periods today.

So as to not sound like we’re only all about sports, our theater campers are busy rehearsing and preparing for their upcoming performances of The Lion King and Pippin. Pippin is going to be performed in the circus building as we combine the two departments for this show. I can’t wait to see it! Our dancers are practicing for their end of the session show next week. Our rock band kids are jamming out in order to fine-tune their skills for their show at the end of the session, as well. Our magicians are practicing for their show with card tricks, coin tricks, illusion, balloon animals, and more.

A few days ago our skatepark department held a competition amongst our rollerbladers and skateboarders of all levels. The kids who placed received certificates of their accomplishments.

In Bunk Cup news, there have been some recent challenges. G14 challenged B6 to newcomb and the girls won. They also challenged G13 to gaga and beat them. B6 & B7 will be playing baseball today to win some Bunk Cup points. B2 and G2 will battle one another in a dance off (which I personally would like to see!). Lastly, G11 has challenged G13 to a game of gaga. Bunk Cup is in full swing!

Tonight’s evening activity is a camp wide Spelling Bee in the theater! There will be 2 representatives per group, 2 on the boys side as well as the girls side. They will battle it out to spell words correctly. The winner of each round will have the opportunity to choose a counselor to then pie in the face. There will also be a counselor round and the winner gets to pie a group leader in the face. Should be fun!

Abracadabra! Today’s special feature is MAGIC! Enjoy and until tomorrow when we get to sleep in for Lazy Day, ILCUTHERE!

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