Tuesday, July 30th

Happy Camp-chella day here at Island Lake!   Don’t adjust your screen because yup, you read that term correctly.  We are celebrating Camp-chella all day long here at ILC, so break out your best Greatful Dead tie dye t-shirt (unless I’m the only one who has hoarded hers over the past 25 years), dust it off, and join in on the fun!  Peace, love, and rock & roll baby!  I’ll tell ya more about Camp-chella later on in the blog when I tell you about our special evening activity tonight.

Back down to reality, we woke up to yet again another warm, sunny Starrucca day here in the 18462. We hit the mid-80’s this afternoon so I can only imagine how hot it must be down where you all live.  Thank goodness we’re in the country with cooler mountain air.  We had a brief drizzle this afternoon that lasted no longer than 3-4 minutes and the sun stayed out the entire time.  I seriously could not have asked for better weather this entire summer.

I’m happy to present to you our week 4 video for your viewing pleasure:

Tomorrow morning we are departing at 6:30am for our teen trip to Boston.  Our 9th grade and older campers who signed up for the trip, along with 5 staff members and myself, will be heading out of camp to make our way to the land of the Patriots.  That’s right, we’re going to Boston, Massachusetts!  I’ll be sure to take lots of photos to post on my blog when I return, along with posting lots of pics on Waldo.

Tomorrow we will head straight to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA.  After that we will go to Boston to check out the New England Aquarium and then Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market.  Tomorrow evening we will be blown away by Blue Man Group. Whoop whoop!!!

On Thursday we will spend the day enjoying Martha’s Vineyard.  That evening we will dine and play lots of arcade games at Dave & Busters.  On Friday we will start off the day by taking a tour of Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Socks.  Afterwards we will visit the Museum of Science, take a Duck Tour, and then experience the Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum.  After dinner that night we will witness a murder mystery.  That’s right, you heard it here first.  We’re going to see Sheer Madness, an interactive show that’s got murder and mystery.  Hey, what a surprise, huh?

And finally, on Saturday we will check out of our hotel and head to Six Flags New England for an exhilarating day of rides, rollercoasters, and attractions.  After eating lots of Dip & Dots, funnel cake, and Dip & Dots (did I mention I’m a fan of Dip & Dots?), we’ll finally make our way back home to Island Lake Road (feel free to sing that to the tune of “Old Town Road”).

For all of our campers who will remain at ILC, Thursday is our big Lazy Day trip to Dorney Park and Wild Water Kingdom!  Woohoo! Yay!  They’ll have an opportunity to head out of camp for the day, as well.  Dustin will fill you in all about this adventurous day in Friday’s blog since everyone will be out of camp on Thursday into the nighttime.  He won’t be blogging that day so he’ll just make Friday’s blog double the excitement and double the fun (with some Double Mint gum???).

Guess what time it is!?!?! Yup, you guess it, it’s riddle time! (soft cheers off in the distance yonder!)  A reminder of yesterday’s riddle:  What’s black when you buy it, red when you use it, and gray when you throw it away? Answer:  Coal!  That sounds pretty easy in retrospect, huh?   Cray-cray how that happens.  Here is today’s mind-boggling riddle for ya to lose sleep over:  What’s the coolest letter in the alphabet?   Deceptively sounds like this should be an easy one, huh?   Let’s see how you all do but remember, I leave for the teen trip first thing in the morning so please do not email me your answers to the riddle for the next 4 days.  You’ll have to keep your guesses to yourself since I don’t yet know whether Dustin will be blogging these riddles for you on a daily basis while I’m away.

Ok so now onto today’s big theme day, Camp-chella.  We’re all sporting our tie-dyes, flower crowns, and bleached out jean shorts,…but enough about my wardrobe,…Tonight is our big music festival here at Island Lake. We’re all gonna party on the outdoor basketball court behind the gym.  The dress code is tie dye, flower crowns, braids (not just for the girls anymore!), headbands, tank tops, jean shorts, and anything else to look hippie, fun, and cool.  We’re telling kids to bring their inflatables, glow sticks, beach balls, dancing shoes, and an open mind to let loose and have fun.  We have several guest DJ’s to spin the tunes all night long. Camp-chella will feature DJ Day Tripper, DJ PJ, DJ Steve, Mr. Dyar, and the After Party.  Weather permitting we’ll break out the slip & slide, too.  Our photographer will be there to snap pics so you should be able to witness the fun tomorrow on the Waldo app.

On a totally different note, today’s special feature is Horseback Riding!  Giddy up!  I missed a few groups throughout the day since they were riding on trails, but I was still able to take pics of campers who were receiving lessons in the indoor and outdoor arenas.  Enjoy and until tomorrow, when Mr. Dustin Hutton will take over my blog, ILCUTHERE!

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