Tuesday, July 9th

Hello ILC Families! Today was another beautiful day in Starrucca, PA with bright blue skies and temps reaching 80 degrees today.  We hardly had a cloud in the sky.  It was another perfect summer day for sleep away camp. We couldn’t ask for better!

Last night’s social was a huge success.  We had a PROM theme to the night with an Island Lake Walk of Fame and photo booth. Our girls were dolled up in cute dresses, boys who claimed they look like professional golfers (collared shirt and khaki shorts), little boys who put on clean clothing and gel’d their hair, campers dressed in onesies (don’t ask because I don’t have an answer for that one), and even a group of girls dressed up in touristy Hawaiian shirts (again, ???).  Ya never know what you’re gonna see at the ILC social!

Today our golfers went out of camp to a local course to play 9 holes.  For some of these campers, it was their first time playing on a golf course. They all said they had a great time. I was also informed that our 5th  grade and under girls played in a tennis tournament the other day and we won! Whoop whoop!

Thanks to all of the parents who are emailing me their riddle guesses.  Congrats to the following parents for getting yesterday’s riddle correct:  Meredith W., Jen W., and Jordan G.  Here’s a reminder of the riddle:  What has cities but no people, roads but no cars, and rivers but no water?  Answer:  a map (or an atlas would also be an acceptable answer).  Here’s today’s riddle challenge:  I am the beginning of sorrow and the end of sickness.  There’s no happiness without me nor is there sadness.  I am always in risk, yet never in danger.  What am I?  I feel like this one should be obvious.  Any ideas?

Tonight’s evening Activity is Steve Max. The entire camp will meet in the gym for a giant game of Simon Says. Only one winner will be crowned and the stakes are high with every campers competing for a coveted Steve Max original t-shirt!

Today’s special feature is SPORTS!  Today was an absolutely beautiful day for all types of sports, team and individualized. Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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