Tuesday, June 30th

Hi Island Lake families! Although the weather gods have not been very nice to us thus far, it hasn’t affected your children’s experiences here at camp. The kids are making the best of a bad weather situation and as the saying goes, the show much go on!

The talk around camp is Thursday’s Lazy Day trip to Dorney Park. Everyone is getting so excited for what is supposed to be a fun day in the sun! They’ll have the opportunity to go on roller coasters, smaller rides (especially for the younger kids), and a super big water park. Last year’s trip was a huge success so we’re anticipating the same this summer.

The other talk around camp is our 1st annual teen tour to the west coast for our CIT’s. They are sooo pumped for Thursday morning when they depart camp, fly out of Newark, and head directly to San Francisco for 3 weeks of travel. I’ll give you lots of updates on this trip along the way.

Tonight’s evening activity is Steve Max. He’s the super duper fun and exciting Simon Says guy. The kids always have a blast participating in this camp-wide game. After evening activity we have our first weekly ETB of the summer. ETB stands for “early to bed”. That means there is no canteen and the kids go straight back to their bunks after evening activity to get a good night’s rest. With so much running around these past few days, they can all use an ETB night.

Today’s special feature is theater! Below are photos from rehearsals for High School Musical and Legally Blonde. Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!


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