Wednesday, August 13th

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  I think we ran the gamut of weather here at camp today.  We’ve had cold rain, warm sun, a bit of wind and a cool evening.  The weather has sure kept us on our toes this summer.

We start our blog journey in the north again as our Teen Trippers continue to have a blast in Toronto, Canada.  Today took the campers to Niagara on the Lake and jet boating on the rapids.  After our campers had dried off, everyone was treated to a tour of the Clifton Hill Area before checking into their hotel for the evening.  Dinner tonight will be at the Skylon Tower, and for dessert the campers will be treated to a magnificent view of Niagara Falls at night.

Today also marked the second, and final, day of Tribals.  The competition was fierce all day as every team had a viable shot at winning.  The morning was dedicated to a scavenger hunt; however, this wasn’t any scavenger hunt, the goal of this hunt was the rescue of each team’s Chief!

The afternoon activity session tightened the race even more, and we went into Tribal council with a tie for first place!  Tribal Council consisted of the presentations of each team’s Tribal Rattle, Tribal Headdress, Totem Pole, Legend and music video.  The creative juices were flowing, and the teams brought out the very best in each other; however, there can only be one winner in Tribals and for 2014 your winner was:

The Red Choctaw Bears!!

Tomorrow is our final Lazy Day of the summer and the return of our Teen Trippers.  It’s been a quiet few days without them around, but camp isn’t camp without them, and we are very excited to welcome them home.  Until then, ILC U THERE!

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