Wednesday, August 7th

Hello ILC families!  Today was another fun day of activities here at camp.  But first, before I tell you all about today, I’m going to flashback to yesterday.  We got hit with some thunderstorms after dinner so we had to change up and improvise the evening’s events.  We had our campers come through canteen once one of the storms passed.  We were going to try to round everyone up for the movie in the theater, but due to the threats of additional thunderstorms for the remainder of the night, we played it safe and had our campers go back to their bunks for some “bunk bonding” time.  In other words, it became an impromptu ETB night, but with canteen instead of evening activity.  Ok, I’m gonna be honest, we were also going to break out Revival Night last night during the movie.  However, due to rain, it’s been put off for another secretive time later in the session.

This morning we woke up to mostly cloudy skies and foggy, humid air, with the threat of rain looming.  Buuuuut, guess what?  It didn’t rain!  The sun worked hard to break through the clouds and succeeded from time to time this afternoon.  The temps were warm and activities proceeded as usual.

Our overnight river trip campers returned and hey, they were pretty dry all considering!  Although their campgrounds got hit with rain last night, they stayed dry in their tents. Our campers had a good ol’ time.

Today we took a busload of campers back to Cooperstown to enjoy the day at the Baseball Hall of Fame.  They soaked in the history of America’s favorite past time while walking around and reading up about players who have made this sport as popular as it is today. Our campers, especially our baseball/softball enthusiasts, always enjoy this day a great deal.

Tomorrow is our final Lazy Day for summer 2019.  (Cue the sad music!)  Groups 1 & 2 will go see the new movie, The Lion King, at a local movie theater.  Groups 3 & 4 are going to the bowling alley in Binghamton to knock down some pins, play some laser tag, video games, and enjoy some of the other virtual games and rides at this fine establishment.

Yesterday’s riddle was:  Which three letters would surprise an invisible person?  Answer:  I C U! Congrats to Lisa A. and Rachel B. for getting this correct.  There was a little snafu in today’s “ILC Morning News” and there wasn’t a riddle posted on it, so we’ll just take today off from riddles (as well as tomorrow since it’s Lazy Day).

Tonight’s evening activity is Groups!  Here’s a breakdown of what everyone is doing:  Girls Groups 1 & 2 are having a Musical Karaoke night; Boys Groups 1 & 2 are having a trivia night;  Boys & Girls Group 3 are having a Board Game Night;  Boys & Girls Group 4 are watching the classic Island Lake movie, BeaverheadBeaverheadwas written and directed by our favorite Bistro chef, Dave Morgan, back when he ran our theater program in the 90’s.  Our older campers enjoy watching it every summer.

Today’s special feature is THEATER.  This session we will be performing Anniefor the little kids and Peter & the Star Catcherfor the older kids.  Below are some photos from rehearsal for these shows, along with campers working back stage helping to build the sets and make the costumes. Enjoy and until tomorrow, our final Lazy Day, ILCUTHERE!

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