Wednesday, July 23rd

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Can you believe that Visiting Day is only 3 days away?  Where did the summer go?  It’s flying by way too fast.  Guess that’s what happens when you’re having fun.

Speaking of fun, last night’s evening activity was amazing!  The whole camp was in the theater and we started Miss ILC.  All of the male contestants (dressed as women) did a group dance to “Single Ladies”.  At the end of their dance they all then pointed to the curtains to bring out the judges and who was standing there when the curtains opened?  No other than the Revival Night henchmen!  The kids all screamed and ran out of the theater to the hill on the lake for the start of their favorite evening activity.  When Revival was over, a gunshot sounded off in the air, followed by a second.  Well, by that point about 50 children started running up to the gym, thinking that Color War was starting.  They were in for a shock when we called them back down to the lake and informed them that it was a fake break.  We’ve been doing fake breaks for days now, which has been fun as we’re teasing the kids about the start of Color War.

Last night was ETB, Early to Bed.  We had our staff meeting during rest hour while our campers were SUPPOSED to be writing letters home to all of you moms and dads.  No promises of course since you’ll be here in 3 days, but we hope they all wrote home to you.  Tonight is LTB, Late to Bed, since tomorrow is our Lazy Day.  Groups 1&2 (boys & girls) are going to Skate Estate roller rink in Binghamton, which also has miniature golf, waterslides, arcade games, and laser tag.  Groups 3&4 (boys & girls) are going to see the movie, The Amazing Spiderman 2 locally here in Deposit, NY.  Group 5 (boys & girls) is going to the bowling alley in Binghamton.  Should be lots of fun and we’ll try to remember to bring our cameras to post photos on our daily photos sight.

Today was our 2nd session tubing trip down the Delaware River.  It was the perfect weather for a lazy river stroll with temperatures in the low 80’s and the sun shining strong.  This morning we also hosted a boys 5th grade baseball game here at camp.  Although they didn’t win, they played an amazing game of ball.  This afternoon we got hit with some rain that lasted only a short time.

Tonight’s evening activity is Groups!  Here’s a breakdown of what everyone is doing:

Boys:  Group 1- kong pong;  Group 2- nature hike on a pioneering trail;  Group 3- gaga;  Group 4- capture the flag;  Group 5- dodgeball

Girls:  Group 1- friendship bracelets;  Group 2- fab fun fair;  Group 3- aqua aerobics;  Group 4- movie & nails night;  Group 5- movie & popcorn night

Today’s special feature, SCIENCE, COOKING, & VIDEO!

DSC03461 DSC03462 DSC03463 DSC03465 DSC03466 DSC03467 DSC03468


3 more days until we see all of your smiling faces here at camp!  Until then, ILC U THERE!

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