Wednesday, June 27th

Happy Wednesday to all of our Island Lake parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, 2nd session campers, pets, and friends! Today is Sports Jersey Day here in Starrucca, PA (also known as “Starruccapa”). Many of our campers are “sporting” their favorite athletic teams today whether it be a jersey, t-shirt, shorts, or baseball hat. Enjoy viewing lots of daily summer photos of our campers in their sports wear today via CampMinder.

And now onto our daily dose of the Island Lake weather. Many of you may recall that last summer was pretty cold and rainy, right? We are doing our best to speak with the sunshine gods above to make sure that doesn’t happen again this year but so far they’re sending us straight to voicemail. Unfortunately, the rain started at breakfast time and was with us throughout the whole day so far. It’s been a pretty steady light rain. The temps started in the upper 50’s this morning and only made its way up to the low 60’s at best. I’m sure many of you are thinking, “Did I send my child with warm blankets? Should I send more sweatshirts, pants, rainboots, raincoats, and jackets?” Well tomorrow it’s supposed to start warming up and we should have beautiful summer temps by early weekend.

Even with the rain our activities continued per usual. Our sports kids played in the gym, tennis in the hockey rink, pioneering played games in the gym along with waterfront. We kept the outdoor kids active indoors throughout the day. The rain doesn’t affect most of our other activities so it was biz as usual for them. As you’ll see below in the featured photos, arts and crafts stayed plenty busy today.

Tonight’s evening activity is going to be camp-wide feature of the blockbuster hit movie, Incredibles. Since tomorrow is Lazy Day and boys and girls groups 1&2 are going to see Incredibles 2, it only seems proper to show the first one in the series tonight. Tomorrow groups 3&4 are going bowling, but I’ll tell you more about that in tomorrow’s blog.

Please keep in mind that since tomorrow is Lazy Day, we will not post photos on CampMinder. Capturing pics of kids sitting and watching a movie in the dark isn’t too exciting (wink wink). Any photos that we take tomorrow will be posted Friday for your viewing pleasure.

Today’s special feature is ART & CRAFTS! Enjoy the pics and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!!!

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