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Island Lake Outdoor Adventure Island Lake Outdoor Adventure

Trails leading to adventure and excitement begin at our front door. You will discover the wonders of living with nature and learn the skills to survive in the wilderness.

Balance on a cable, soar into the sky on our 50-foot giant swing, or slide down a zip line longer than a football field on our 17-station ropes course built in the woods.

Enjoy a panoramic view of Island Lake from the tops of our two 34-foot climbing towers. Learn the skills and climb your way to the top on beginner, intermediate, or advanced routes. Master the arts of climbing the walls, rappelling, and belaying. In outdoor adventure, you can feel like you're on top of the world.

  • 2 Climbing Towers
  • Challenge Course (High & Low Stations)
  • Zip Line
  • Giant Swing
  • Backpacking
  • Camping
  • Camping Expeditions
  • Shelter Building
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Orienteering
  • Leadership & Team Skills
pioneering Class