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Island Lake Evening Activities Island Lake Evening ActivitiesIsland Lake Evening Activities

Evening Activities at Camp

Every evening at Island Lake we offer an exciting and unique activity for all of you, our campers and counselors, to participate in. Some nights our evening activities will be in small groups for our group leaders to run. Other nights our evening activities will be a big event for the entire camp to enjoy together. Small group evening activities include a campfire, pool party, photo scavenger hunt, or a fun game of kickball. Many of our full camp evening activities involve bringing in outside entertainment. Who doesn't love to participate in an all-camp Simon Says game? Each session we bring in a DJ for a "social." This is an exciting night for you to enjoy getting dressed up to dance the night away with all of your friends.

The last week of each session is our performance week. Such performances include two Broadway-style musicals, a dance show, a rock concert, a magic show, as well as a huge circus show under our big top. All of you who participate will practice and rehearse all session long in order to put on the performance of your lives for your fellow campers and counselors. Our video staff will record all performances so you can have the opportunity to order a copy of your show on DVD after the summer.