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Island Lake Majors and Minors Island Lake Majors and Minors

At Island Lake we have a unique style of programming. You will have the opportunity to personalize your own schedule. You do not travel around from activity to activity together as a bunk. Rather, you choose every activity in which you would like to participate.

Our activity periods are called "majors” and “minors." We offer 3 majors and 3 minors on a daily basis, each is one hour long. Majors are always instructional. They are activities in which you are strongly interested and would like to learn a great deal about on a daily basis. The instruction you receive is geared towards your interests, needs, and talents. Minors are chosen every morning at breakfast and may be instructional or recreational depending on the activity. Minors allow you the opportunity to try a variety of different activities and discover new interests.

The Island Lake program furthers your growth, independence, and sense of decision making while giving you the responsibility to create your own exciting summer.